Confused about which commode is best for you?

Commode is a colloquial term for the WC i.e. Water Closet.

Clearly, the utility of the commode is the same, irrespective of what you plan to buy. The main difference comes with aesthetics and maintenance.

Also, there is nothing better than taking a dump! 💩 Its weirdly satisfying. There’s a science behind that too – you should Google it!

Now let me help you with making the right choice of WC/commode to enhance the experience. (Sounds weird, but it’s true!)

Do bear in mind that this selection has to be done before the plumbing works begin on site.

First, let me sum up the different products available in the market.

There are two main types of commodes –

1. Floor mounted commode/WC

2. Wall mounted commode/WC

Both of these again have two sub-types | one-piece and two-piece.

Do not get overwhelmed! Read on to understand the difference between them . . .

Before you select the best commode for you, you need to check this very important thing. Check the status of plumbing for your bathroom on the site.

If it is completed, check where the outlet pipe has been provided. Is it on the floor or on the wall?

If plumbing has not started yet, then check with your builder/contractor what they are providing as per the contract. If there is scope for making a change, etc.

Below, I am describing the general features on each sub type. The design and colour can be selected as per the tiling colour palette in your bathrooms.

Floor Mounted Two-Piece

  • This is the most conventional and basic WC available in the market.
  • The Flush tank and the Base are installed separately and connected with a pipe.
  • This is also the most economical option.

Wall Mounted Two-Piece

  • The Flush Tank and the Toilet Bowl are visible externally and installed together on the wall.
  • The pipes are all hidden within the casings of the WC

The two-piece wall mount WC is the economical alternative for a wall hung WC. However, it does not really add to the luxury of a wall hung WC. Its better to go for the One-piece floor mount instead.

Floor Mounted Single Piece

  • This is also called a coupled set.
  • Here the tank and toilet bowl are connected in a seamless way.
  • The pipes are hidden within the casings for a seamless look

This is a great WC which gives you the best of all features. Its seamless, so it looks clean and sophisticated. Its also easy to maintain. Pricing is reasonable as well!

Wall Mounted Single Piece

  • This is the most sleekest WC available in the market.
  • Here you only see the toilet bowl mounted on the wall
  • The flush tank (cistern) in concealed within the wall
  • You only see the flush plate (buttons) on the wall.

Please Note, the One-Piece Wall Mounted WC needs pre-planning. The concealed cistern (flush tank) needs brick masonry work as it has to be concealed into the wall. It can conveniently be installed in a 9inch thick wall (external wall). However, if its being installed on an internal wall 4inch or 6inch thick wall, a ledge wall needs to be created. Ledge wall is just another layer of brick wall constructed to conceal the tank in.

A wall mounted WC is sleek, clean and minimal. Most of them have a concealed flush tank giving it a distinct appearance.

A critical thing while installing a wall mounted WC is to check the height from floor level. Ideal height of the top of the WC should be between 14.5 inches to 16.5 inches from the Finished Floor Level.

Bulky designMinimal design
Occupies more spaceOccupies less space
Flooring needs to be adjustedFlooring is continuous till the wall
Easy MaintenanceNeeds attention

Nowadays, most private residences prefer a wall mounted WC with a concealed cistern.

A little research and preparation before beginning the work on-site, goes a long way! \

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