The Kitchen is the heart of any home. Meals & memories are made here. When it comes to the design of Indian Kitchens, a common discussion is around the cabinet colours. Some also go in-depth with the accessories and hardware that can be incorporated into it. And then there are various home appliances to add to the list. One of the most important aspects to … Continue reading Kitchen

How to live a sustainable lifestyle ?

I am glad the Covid – 19 outbreak has affected the entire world. Don’t get me wrong! But isn’t it high time the human ego was shown its place. The most sophisticated living being has been held hostage by a virus! People from all walks of society have been moving towards living Materialistic lifestyles – a consequence of Capitalism & Consumerism, with little to no … Continue reading How to live a sustainable lifestyle ?

How do Architects help Society?

A productive human being is the most biggest asset for any society. When built forms are designed to provide optimum comfort to the people inhabiting the space, it makes them productive. A house that is well ventilated and comfortable makes you feel energetic and enthusiastic to pursue your goals. After-all It all started with the humble HUT! Our homes – big or small – are … Continue reading How do Architects help Society?

Architecture & Design as a Career in India

Many people, mostly friends and relatives approach me with this question. Its usually questions about the course options and future career prospects of interior designing and architecture. I am also approached by women working in the tech industry who are looking for a career change into interior designing. First off all, to become a designer, the course is just an academic qualification that will enable … Continue reading Architecture & Design as a Career in India

Workspace + Cafe

10 years ago in 2008 the Entreprenurship Boom hit the world. Until a few years ago a bussiness person would require a built shop for storing goods and to distribute them while building relationship with the customers. However, with the developments in tech and the internet all that is required today is a laptop and an individual with passion for a subject or an innovative … Continue reading Workspace + Cafe

The Micro Homes Movement

Studio Apartments are usually considered to have a single space comprising the living, dining, kitchen & bedroom! Some would call it claustrophobic rather than a self-contained efficient apartment. The notion of a tiny house has lately become popular with the students and young working professionals  as well as the older generation. Efficiently planned spaces with easy maintenance provide for more time in todays fast moving lifestyle. The idea of a studio apartment has … Continue reading The Micro Homes Movement

VASTU – a term misunderstood.

Originally posted on Just a Dreamer:
While studying a five year course in architecture I dint know that VASTU played such a major role in Indian Architecture, especially while designing residences, you can be sure of joining a mental hospital or vanish into deep forests in search of peace , before completing the project. For all those who heard the term “VASTU” for the very… Continue reading VASTU – a term misunderstood.

CHARLES CORREA – The Architect

“The thing about architecture is that you cannot teach it. You can learn it, but you cannot teach it. And a good school is a school which makes you passionate about architecture and that teaches you how to ask questions. […] If you know how to ask the right questions, you will develop your own philosophy and your own visual vocabulary.” – Charles Correa Called … Continue reading CHARLES CORREA – The Architect

Cumbernauld – the Worst Place Ever Planned

Originally posted on Yet Another Urban Blog:
Glorious urban failures provide us with excellent opportunities to learn and understand mistaken urban planning concepts and their consequences. This post focuses on one of the more dramatic urban failures, which happened to take place in Britain. After the second world war, the modernistic approach to architecture and urban planning took hold. While many Europeans countries did not build… Continue reading Cumbernauld – the Worst Place Ever Planned