Workspace + Cafe

10 years ago in 2008 the Entreprenurship Boom hit the world. Until a few years ago a bussiness person would require a built shop for storing goods and to distribute them while building relationship with the customers. However, with the developments in tech and the internet all that is required today is a laptop and an individual with passion for a subject or an innovative idea.

Whiteboard cafe is a co-working cafe located in Hitech City, Hyderabad designed by architecture & design studio Urban Shaastra. The cafe provides a well-equipped place for budding entrpreneurs to work and collaborate and binge on great coffee & healthy vegan food.

The owner of the co-working cafe heads a leading IT infrastructure and data center solutions company operating in the United States and across India. He set up the company in 1991; about two decades ago when the theory of a plug-and-play model of doing business seemed unlikely!

It is overwhelming to see experienced entrepreneurs introducing innovative spaces to encourage growth in new ideas and talent.

The cafe is designed to look like every start-up which is a ‘work-in-progress’ !

A whiteboard is the most basic thing used for brainstorming in a business; hence the name. The cafe has whiteboards (ofcourse) and conference rooms with VC facility as well as a printing station with PC and mindblowing Wi-Fi connectivity. There is an events area which encourages companies to organise meetups outside of their conventional office space for team building.

WBC is strategically located in the most happening development hub in Hyderabad.

Location Analysis

This cafe came into existence in 2016 when the concept of open workspaces was just catching up. Thus giving opportunity to work in a collaborative environment to people currently working in conventional office spaces. The co-working cafe successfully completed 2 years on 20th January, 2018 and celebrated with the team! 

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