How to live a sustainable lifestyle ?

I am glad the Covid – 19 outbreak has affected the entire world. Don’t get me wrong! But isn’t it high time the human ego was shown its place. The most sophisticated living being has been held hostage by a virus! People from all walks of society have been moving towards living Materialistic lifestyles – a consequence of Capitalism & Consumerism, with little to no … Continue reading How to live a sustainable lifestyle ?

The Micro Homes Movement

Studio Apartments are usually considered to have a single space comprising the living, dining, kitchen & bedroom! Some would call it claustrophobic rather than a self-contained efficient apartment. The notion of a tiny house has lately become popular with the students and young working professionals  as well as the older generation. Efficiently planned spaces with easy maintenance provide for more time in todays fast moving lifestyle. The idea of a studio apartment has … Continue reading The Micro Homes Movement

It all started with the humble HUT!

From the moment that people ventured out of caves and across the land to explore the wider environment, man-made shelters became vital for survival. Using local materials available, nomadic groups began constructing primitive structures capable of withstanding the elements, providing warm and dry conditions crucial for their long-term survival. What may have seemed like a simple, unassuming task of necessity at the time belied a … Continue reading It all started with the humble HUT!