Let me help you get started!

Are you considering building a new space for yourself or your business? Or are you lost or confused through an on going project?

Let me help!

Planning well in advance is key to make best use of your resources. If you are stranded in between a project, all it needs is the right guidance from a professional in the industry. Let me bring my years of experience in the profession and assist you with your project goals and do a quick assessment to arrive at your Design Brief.

I offer complimentary 15-30 minute consultation over voice/video call to help you come up with steps to get things right for your project. In order to give you the best advice, shoot me an email on varsha@urbanshaastra.com with what you have in mind, some pictures of your space and any further information that you think may be useful. 30 minutes definitely cannot finalize a design but we can ensure you begin on the right note.

Once I receive your email, I will get back to you promptly with a few available meeting times*.

Look forward to hearing more about your project!

*I only schedule three sessions per week

If you are looking to indulge in a further detailed discussion of your project, I provide a paid service offering of a 120 minute design consultation specific to your space. Click on the most relevant one below for further details.