Home Design Consultation

Home is where the heart is ! Glad to offer my years of experience in the profession and assist you with your home design goals.

Quick Consultation is a 120 minute meeting with you, where I share with you the details to begin and complete your project successfully. This is a one-time consultation meeting for which I will need certain details from you –

  1. The Plot dimensions and/or floor plan provided by developer/builder
  2. Any specific family requirements
  3. Basic details such as number of bedrooms, car parking, etc

Based on the information provided, me and my team will work on the design solutions for you and schedule a meeting accordingly. As part of the 120 minute consultation you will receive in print –

  1. Detailed Furniture Layout
  2. Thumb rules for services planning (electrical, plumbing, Air conditioning, CCTV, etc)
  3. Checklist to ensure smooth construction process
  4. Tentative Bill of Quantities for masonry & interior works
  5. A conceptual design idea specific to you & your family.
  6. Summary with important notes which will help during construction
  7. And answers to any doubts you may have.

I will need 4 to 10 days to compile all the information and have the set ready. We can meet at my office where you can go through material samples and clarify any doubts you may have.

Quick Consultation for your Home – Rs. 5000/-

Fill in your details below and Lets get started!