Thank you for discussing your vision and goals for your project with me. I hope you have some time (about 5 to 10min) to go through all that I have to say to you.

Design is an important part of the entire project. Read on, to understand how I will be helping you through the process to make sure you have beautiful space to experience at your project handover.

The Design Brief

The Design Brief is a document which elaborates your requirements for the space. The basics will be based on the information you have shared with me via the ‘Form’ link.

The goal is to create comfortable spaces using elements best suited for your requirement. In terms of aesthetics, the entire home would be designed as a single entity with design elements flowing well together.

Please Note – The Design Brief will be elaborated post our initial design discussions.

The Phases of Design & Process we will follow


Examination of the floor plan provided by the builder/developer, its evaluation and understanding specifications with YOU (the client) based on the data you provide.

Determine YOUR requirements in sufficient detail for further planning. The Design brief will be made based on our meetings and phone conversations. What is a Design Brief?

Included in this engagement

2 rounds of conversations including phone calls, messages and online meetings to understand your requirement.


Using the data provided in the design brief we will develop a space planning layout with accurate furniture positioning.

The 2D layout will be accompanied with design boards that incorporate the objectives of the project, this will explain the overall color palette for the design, general aesthetic and some ideas with reference images showing the potential of the space. This will be supported with necessary drawings and photographs for ease of visualization.

Included in this engagement

One 2D Space Planning Layout, Concept Presentation showing design direction and aesthetic for the finalized layout.

One round of feedback with you where you share your opinions about the ideas proposed and the thought behind the layout.


Based on the approved concept 3D views for the interior space will be generated using visualization software. The 3D design with necessary drawings will outline specifications sufficient to indicate functions, materials, lighting and appearance.

The 3D images are for representation only (70% accurate) and the final product will depend on the execution and site conditions.

Included in this engagement

One set of 3D images of the design proposal. 2 design review and feedback meetings included. The feedback needed from you is about the overall composition of the elements in the rooms

Please Note: Maximum of 2 computer generated 3D images per room of your Home shall be provided post the design review meet. This does not mean 2 different options but iterations, if any, of the same based on the feedback.


The finalized 3D images will be made into detailed technical drawings for releasing to the team on site.

The 3D images are for representation only (70% accurate) and the final product will depend on the execution and site conditions.

Included in this engagement

The detail drawings will entail the following as well as whatever is required in terms of detailed information to create a finished project.

The final set of Working drawings will include –

1.1. Architectural Floor Plans
1.2. Furniture Layout
1.3. Interior Elevation details as per finalised 3D views
1.4. Wall Electrical & Ceiling Electrical 
1.5. Woodworking drawings
1.6. Finishes for walls, floors and ceiling
1.7. Lighting Design & layout
1.8. HVAC Drawings with consultant co-ordination
1.9. All finish selections including material finishes, tiles, painting colour palette, upholstery, decor etc.

(Click on the image above to see a sample kitchen elevation detail)


The final working drawings and details will be used to calculate the quantity of specified raw material required to execute the finalized designs.

This will be a spreadsheet document with item wise breakup of each unit proposed. If you wish, the spreadsheet along with the working drawings can be shared with other contractors to receive quotations.

Included in this engagement

A detailed spreadsheet with material specifications and sizes with rates and pricing for executing the finalized design

(Click on the image above to see a sample BoQ format)


The contractor shall be appointed mutually by the architect and the client based on the bids received and the credibility of the contractors previously executed works. The contractor should ideally work under the guidelines of the Architect.  

Included in this engagement

All co-ordination will be made over phone calls/WhatsApp/site visits as applicable from 10am to 7pm from Monday to Saturday.

Site visits, when required, will have to be intimated at least 48hours prior to all the parties who need to attend the meeting. Site visits charges are not included in the design consultation fee.


Project timelines vary depending upon the site conditions and client’s availability for feedback. The estimated timelines are based upon an assumption that the site is available for visits, modifications and that the client provides feedback within two days of phase wise submissions.

Please Note – If your property is in the construction phase, the project duration would be estimated only for the designing phase and not the execution phase. Any co-ordination to be done with the builder/developer on-site will be made on an as-needed basis.


The details and costs associated with the scope of work of this project are valid for a specified number of months from the date of first paid invoice. If any additional work is added to the scope of work the fee may be affected proportionately.

Any government taxes levied such as GST contingent to professional services rendered shall be payable by client over and above the gross fees to be paid. The prevailing rate for GST will be the on-date market rate. (18% as of date)

This does not include –
I. Any consultant fee to be paid to the other consultants hired by the clients/property owners for the project.
II. Site surveys, soil tests or any other tests to be done.
III. Cost of any sample, prototype model of any actual design element prepared thereafter.
IV. Site visit charges and material selection visit charges would be charged separately on actuals per visit.



  • Under no circumstances shall the service consultant or the client alter the design/drawing/material specifications provided by the architect without prior discussion.
  • Both the Architect as well as the Client may suggest changes if they finally lead to a better design product. These changes may happen during the stage of preparation of working drawings or prior to the execution of the work. The changes, on mutual discussion, will be incorporated in the work. In case of major changes, Architect shall be reimbursed accordingly.
  • In the event of changes of brief that are so major that an entire stage of the contract is repeated, the architect will be compensated on the basis of a percentage as applicable to that stage.
  • That in case the whole or any part of the work is postponed and additional services by the architect are necessary in connection with the resumption of such works, the architect shall be entitled to charge for such additional work on a percentage basis mutually agreed upon by both the parties.
  • Design deference: design ideas and principles will be respected, since they will have undergone several iterations and filtering process to reach the final stage. Under no condition will they be altered or manipulated without the architect’s knowledge. Such an irresponsible move can be detrimental to the overall design-effect. If needed, such issues will be discussed with the Architect and an appropriate solution will be suggested.
  • Vastu inputs: Vastu prerequisites and accordingly design inputs must be given in the stages earlier to the commencement of the structural construction work. And those inputs must take place in the presence of both the Client and the Architect, so that there are no misunderstandings in the future relationship.
  • In case any changes are made on site by the client or contractor after the designs and details are handed over, the same shall not be in the scope of work of the architect. 


  • The Architect shall co-ordinate with the builder/contractor after mutual consent from the client and provide necessary data and drawings from time to time. All relevant details for the project will be shared by the builder/contractor and client from time to time.
  • Provide necessary drawings, details & information pertaining to the scope of work on time to complete decision making and maintain project timeline.
  • Provide genuine feedback during review meetings and address any important issues at the earliest.
  • The architect shall keep all information strictly confidential and shall not disclose it to any other person except to its employees, contractors, vendors, suppliers, etc. who need to provide services solely for the project and whose contracts also include similar restrictions on the use of confidential information.
  • The architect shall be available over phone from 10am to 7pm from Monday to Saturday for any co-ordination required by the client or the contractor. 
  • Any deviations if happening during the work progress will be intimated to the client and contractor. A review meeting will be held to resolve the same.


  • The client shall be a productive team member. Work in collaboration with the Architect & team and the contractors.
  • The client shall provide full information regarding requirements for the project, including the objectives, schedule, constraints and criteria.
  • Permissions and other liaisons with any authorities for any purpose will be the client’s responsibility.
  • The client shall provide all the possible assistance and data for the detailed study and approvals from all the appropriate authorities. Any fees to be paid to any government authority or any other agency for the work to progress will be done by the client.
  • The Client shall make themselves available during the design finalization stages and BoQ confirmation stage for detailed review meetings. Genuine feedback during review meetings and addressing any important issues at the earliest is appreciated.
  • Assign one point of contact during the course of the project for decision making and any assistance required.
  • Ensure all decisions are taken unanimously for a successful project.
  • The client shall pay fees or reimbursements within 7 days of the bill presentation


  • The consultation fee is applicable only for the services mentioned in the scope of work document. 
  • The quote is valid only up to a specified time from the first paid Invoice. In case the project moves beyond the date, based on the stage of work on site a revised quote would be shared.
  • The conceptual drawings, details or specification related to the project will only be released on receipt of the initial advance.
  • The drawing, details, 3D Images and any technical detailed information whatsoever in reference to the project provided by the Architect is the Intellectual Property of the Architect.