It all started with the humble HUT!

From the moment that people ventured out of caves and across the land to explore the wider environment, man-made shelters became vital for survival. Using local materials available, nomadic groups began constructing primitive structures capable of withstanding the elements, providing warm and dry conditions crucial for their long-term survival. What may have seemed like a simple, unassuming task of necessity at the time belied a … Continue reading It all started with the humble HUT!

The purpose of Architecture

At a recent press conference by El Mundo, a Spanish daily, one of the worlds most famous Pritzker Prize winning architects spoke their mind regarding the latest ‘trends’ in Architecture. I am certainly not an enthusiast of the Great Gehry’s works, but his thoughts on the current scenario of Architecture is impeccably true for a few starchitects in the global society today. On being asked … Continue reading The purpose of Architecture