About Me

Hello! I am Varsha.

I am a practicing architect at my studio based in Hyderabad and needless to say, I just love my job.

I was born in Manipal, Karnataka and have lived in Bombay and Hyderabad most part of my life. Living and visiting major cities and with frequent visits to my hometown have given me the best of both worlds.

Ever since I began pursuing architecture, my way of looking at everyday spaces had changed, I always looked at it in terms of heights, distances, clearances and why built forms were the way they are.

I concluded that it is a reflection of the people, community and their lifestyle. The same type of room is used in a different way as per the social norms in the local community. However, this strong connection and uniqueness is gradually deteriorating owing to rapid globalization.

Through this blog i intend to journal my thoughts about everyday life ‘spaces’ while sharing industry knowledge to design enthusiasts and property owners.

Making good design available to all !

If you like what you see and would like to get in touch – Message Me! and let me help you get started with making the right decisions for your project!