What is a Design Brief?

A Design Brief is a summary of the project from the home owners point of view. When you plan your home from scratch you would like it to be personalized to your tastes and individuality.

The Design Brief is a short document of your imagination for your dream home.

First consider the age group of people who will be living with you in the house. Kids under 12 have varying needs while elders over 60 need support and care.

Think about your lifestyle – do you entertain a lot of guests? Or do you take many long vacations? Do you have a pet/s? Do you or your family members have hobbies to pursue or favorite weekend pastimes? Do you love reading books? or yoga & meditation?

Just anything that speaks of your individuality and the way you live your life.

Know that your house needs regular maintenance to look and feel the same. Would you prefer a low maintenance or a high maintenance home? The open shelving with lights looks great on Pinterest, but needs regular dusting to look the same over time. Consider the costs and time you would need to invest in the same.

Have a budget and include it in the brief up front. The market today is so vast that Sky is the Limit. Setting a realistic budget will help you make better decisions during the course of the project. This is an essential parameter to avoid redesign and redrawing details after receiving the construction bids.

The process of compiling the design brief will also give you more clarity on your vision and expectations of the project.

Once it is ready, this document can then be shared with architecture and interior design professionals before you meet them in person. This will ensure a productive first meeting as it begins with how to execute your vision rather than discussing the mundane requirements.

The professional will respect the fact that you have done your homework. And your conversations will be more fruitful.

The Design Brief also serves as a reminder during the execution phase to ensure we do not deviate from your dream.


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