Bathroom Design Basics

Bathrooms are neglected dull spaces where we go about our mundane routines everyday before rushing to work. Imagine a vibrant bathroom where you feel relaxed and recharge to take on the day.

Follow the tips below to transform your bathroom into a relaxed oasis.

The four most important factors for a good bathroom design are – natural lighting, ventilation, space planning & decor.

Natural Light

Natural Lighting in bathrooms
minimizes electricity use during the day time while the suns rays act as a natural disinfectant. This can be provided by medium sized frosted glass windows and ventilators. They have to be proportionate to the size of the room to allow enough sunlight.

Ventilation is essential to control air quality and introduce fresh air into the room. Natural ventilation is preferred any day to control growth of bacteria or foul odour with minimum use of electricity. Artificial ventilation with ducted systems can also be used. As hot air is lighter and moves up, providing vents on the highest level maintains the air quality in the restrooms.

Space Planning is the positioning of the plumbing fittings in such a way that there is optimum space to use them. You can hire a professional to measure the space for you and plan the fitting positions way before the tiling is done.

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A well planned and naturally ventilated bright bathroom is sure to give you a boost every time the space is used throughout the day.

Scented Candles & Potted Plants

As bathrooms in a regular household are the smallest rooms, using pastel shades and whites with minimum usage of dark colours will instantly brighten up the room. It is important to match the shades of your WC and washbasins with the colour tone of the the bathroom tiles. A wide mirror at ideal locations can create an illusion of space making the bathroom luxurious. Lately, scented candles, exclusive accessories, artificial and natural potted plants, etc are also being used to create a spa like ambiance.

Aesthetics are a personal choice.

For personalized help with your project you can reach me here. I would be glad to help you out.

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