How to design the perfect real Indian Living Room!

Indian Living Rooms are multi-functional spaces. Here are some practical and simple interior design tips to help you with designing your Living Room.

The Living room is the first room in most homes where you relax after a long day at work and sometimes entertain family and friends.

For the most part, design is always thought of as colours, textures, etc. But that is NOT the first thing you should be looking at. Read on to know what is the right way to design your Ideal Living Room !

Designing your living room is based on many many practical factors apart all the aesthetic elements.

If your home is still under construction you have total control over the space whereas if you are moving into a built space or rental space, you enhance the space with props and decor.

To plan an ideal Indian Living Room here are some essential aspects to consider –

Duration of time spent in the Living Room

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First most important thing is to Define the purpose of the Living Room. The best way to do that is to think about the duration of time per day you and your family spend in the room.

For example, a Small family with working adults and kids would use their living room during the evenings and on weekends. Whereas a bigger family with elders at home would use the living room all through the week. Also consider the activity you use the living room for. Do you watch a lot of TV or host parties or are all your family members on their gadgets?

Many Indian homes use their living areas to eat as well, while watching their favourite shows or watching the news.

Identify the major activity and the maximum number of people to be accommodated in the room, and PLAN your living room to enhance that experience.

How frequently you entertain guests at home

Photo by Yu Hosoi on Unsplash

Remember that guests, family and friends come in all age groups. Sometimes also with pets.

If you entertain lot of guests maximize the living and dining spaces while visually isolating the kitchen and the rest of the house. If you spend more time with family an open plan including kitchen dining in the connected space can become the best family space.

This activity level can help you choose the right fabrics and decor as well.

Television Screen Size

If the focus of your living room is the Television then the Screen size of the Television is critical. The Tv screen size or your projector settings have to be proportionate to the room size.

The television market boats of some amazing features to give you the best experience. So planning your sofa at the optimum distance will enhance your TV watching experience. Many popular brands suggest the distance between your seating and the screen should be 1.5 to 2.5 times the screen size.

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There are instances where a huge tv is bought but the ideal viewing distance is not achieved due to the size of the room or the positioning of the TV. And vice versa, a small TV for a huge room is also a dud.

The Furniture

A piece of furniture that is synonymous with the living area is a sofa with a center table.

Your Sofa is the biggest and the most expensive piece of furniture in the living room, so choose a style and colour that resonates the best with your personality.

Also, its not necessary to have a conventional sofa in your living room. A low height floor seating, similar to the Indian conventional style is a great idea. This will ensure you do some work to get on and out of it!

Standard sofa sizes available in the market are designed as per the international market. However, for normal Indian heights the depths of 32 to 40 inches becomes uncomfortable. Use cushions in different sizes to address this. Or your sofa can easily be customized to suit you and your families ideal height.

The height of seating for a sofa should be higher if you have older people at home.

Natural Light & Ventilation

Photo by Vishnu Prasad on Unsplash

As the living room is the core of most family and socializing activities, ample ventilation and natural lighting is the most inexpensive way of making the space welcoming and vibrant. This is great for every room or for that matter any built space. A well ventilated room boosts your productivity and encourages positive energy in you to take on your life.

Once you have figured out all of the above, decide on the aesthetics! The colour theme, the lighting layout, furniture, the decor, etc has to be something that is your personal style rather than the latest trend in the market.

Trends keep changing, but homes are built once and hold memories forever – so they should reflect your ideals.

If you need a quick opinion from an industry expert, you can get in touch with me for a Free Design Consultation Call.

Wishing you the best with your home design project!

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