It all started with the humble HUT!

From the moment that people ventured out of caves and across the land to explore the wider environment, man-made shelters became vital for survival. Using local materials available, nomadic groups began constructing primitive structures capable of withstanding the elements, providing warm and dry conditions crucial for their long-term survival. What may have seemed like a simple, unassuming task of necessity at the time belied a moment of great significance for the design of the built environment: in that instant, architecture was born.

Architecture is NOT an AUTONOMOUS ART FORM

Architecture is about designing for the overall good of the community/society/mankind. It is more about the spirit of the building and its influence on the user.It is to do with representing the vibe of the area at the present time or of an older bygone era.


From igloos to yurts, tepees to cabanas, structures have been created in a multitude of different forms to suit the climate and cultural peculiarities of the people who build them. These traditional modes of shelter typically incorporate simple but ingenious design details, each utilizing local materials to their full potential.

Man and Nature have always had a strong interdependence with each other.

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