One for All – All for One

My experience during the five years of pursuing Architecture was a beautiful revelation of how a small space of 50 sqm had the ability to influence its surroundings, both living and non-living, drastically and the opposite of it is also true.

| A building or space is best designed by its own environment |

The culture, heritage, lifestyle, ecology, connectivity, demographics & economy of a neighbourhood/area are the best parameters to design a building. Simply put, an interaction with the first hand user of the space, i.e. the site itself gives effective design solutions.

India is a developing country. The economic transition, is triggering change in social, economic, commercial, political, historical, and most importantly the built & natural urban habitat. In order to ensure sustainable development & efficiency, the most fundamental requirement, apart from capital & technology, are well designed buildings. Understanding & exploring the nuances of the built environment is the sole purpose of Architecture.

The question now is – Is the modern world ready to accept Architecture as a space evolved from the site, its user and its surroundings? Or does it look at Architecture as a means to showcase the latest developments and latest trends?

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